Servicing the New York areas for over 10 years

Here at POP CORALS we are a full service aquarium installation and maintenance company with over 10 years experience in the field. Some of our services include basic routine maintenance, emergency call service , Custom Aquarium, Reef design and installation, Aquarium Delivery , acclimation of exotic fish and corals and much more.

Aquarium maintenance is extremely important.  Pop Corals prides itself on its impeccable service and the maintenance of all Fish, Coral and Invert enclosures.  We are service professionals and our work is our trade mark, once you are a member of the Pop Coral family we treat you as such.

We are available anytime day or night and are only a phone call away.  Your satisfaction and realized vision are what matters to us and it shows in our world class service.  Service calls can include but are not limited to; fixing and caring for problematic tanks, upgrades, live stock and equipment delivery, emergency calls, routine maintenance and rectifying errors caused by a previous service company. 

We at Pop Corals understand the intricacies of aquarium maintenance and we want our customers to rest assured that once the installation is complete our job has only just begun, Pop Corals will always be available to you.